Documentary highlights animal abuses on factory farms

Friday, March 13, 2009

Each year, 10 billion animals are raised for consumption in the U.S. and most spend their lives on industrialized farms that aren't federally mandated to treat animals humanely. An activist and investigator that goes by the name of "Pete" went undercover at factory farms to document abuses towards animals. A vegan, Pete worked undercover at a farm in Ohio and took footage of how farm animals are treated for the new HBO documentary, “Death on a Factory Farm." He joins The Takeaway to talk about his experience.

Watch a clip of "Death on a Factory Farm" below.

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Farai Chideya

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A very big THANK-YOU for covering this topic on your show. I think the american public needs to be made aware of what goes on to these poor helpless and voiceless animals so us humans can have our meat! I am sure alot of meat eaters are not aware of the horrific treatment of animals on factor farms, and if they were aware, there would be a huge hue and cry about well there should be.

At the end of the day, we are the voice for these animals....just like other helpless living beings need a voice (babies, kids, refugees,etc), so do these animals.

I hope you will cover more of such topics in future shows.
How about the horrific pet trade - puppy mills, that we should never buy puppies from pet stores etc.

Alka Bhatia

Mar. 16 2009 09:02 PM

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