We'd Like to Introduce to You the DIY Beatles

The Beatles: Rock Band releases today

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cover your ears! Starting today, legions of gamers around the country will be able to sing – and play – their own version of Beatles songs, thanks to a special edition of the game Rock Band. Console-owners may now try their hand at 45 Beatles tracks, and download more of the band's newly remastered tracks in the coming months. We talk with Jeff Howe, contributing editor for Wired magazine, who wrote about the game this month. We also give The Beatles: Rock Band our own test run in the studio.

Watch the intro video for "The Beatles: Rock Band":

Lynn Sherr tries her hand at joining the Fab Four:


Leo Duran and Jeff Howe

Hosted by:

Lynn Sherr and Todd Zwillich


Clancy Nolan

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JaneAllen from United Kingdom

Nice post. I'm confused? Is these games are fully designed on the basis of Beatles concept? & which system is supportable for this game?

May. 29 2014 10:39 AM

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