In Miami, a Serial Killer of Cats

More than a dozen cats have been gruesomely killed

Monday, June 15, 2009

Residents of two Miami neighborhoods have been terrorized by a string of gruesome cat killings over the past month. On Sunday, police arrested a local teenager and charged him with the crimes. The Takeaway talks to Miami Herald Reporter Jose Pagliery about an the cat serial killings that have disturbed the whole city.

***UPDATE*** Miami-Dade police have made an arrest in this case. Tyler Hayes Weinman, an 18-year old who divided his time between the two neighborhoods where the killings took place, was taken into police custody and charged with 19 counts of felony animal cruelty, 19 counts of improperly disposing of an animal body and four counts of burglary. Each of the felony counts carries a minimum mandatory fine of $5,000, six months in prison and psychological counseling.

For more on this story, watch the video below.


Jose Pagliery


Melissa Locker and Nadia Zonis

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John sounded almost apologetic at the opening of this story - as if he didn't want to make too much of animals being killed. Animal cruelty, whether or not it results in the perpetrator "graduating" to killing humans, is disturbing and worth talking about, especially when it involves the number of cats killed and mutilated in Miami.

Jun. 15 2009 08:41 AM

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