Banks and the Economy: Frustration with the SEC

The SEC chairperson admits to "disappointment" with the job the commission has done

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"Disappointed" was the word that Mary Schapiro, Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission, used to describe the performance of the SEC. Schapiro promised to do better at providing the oversight that taxpayers and ordinary investors expect. She appeared before Congress to talk about new funding slated for the regulatory body. Author Michael Lewis, who chronicled the excesses of Wall Street in his book "Liar's Poker", talks to The Takeaway about the SEC.


Michael Lewis

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Andrea Bernstein

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Hugh Sansom

Ben Bernanke and the Fed have a great deal of regulatory power. They have utterly failed to exercise that power. Bernanke should be out.

That Obama is happy with Geithner and Bernanke tells us that there isn't a hope in hell of anything changing substantively during this administration.

Jun. 03 2009 09:57 AM

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