Senator DeMint on the Obama 'Rampage'

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Last Fourth of July, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint published Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America's Slide into Socialism. Senator DeMint (ranked by National Journal as the Senate’s most conservative member), has been making headlines as one of President Obama's most vocal critics on everything from the economy, health care reform to Cash for Clunkers. He joins The Takeaway with his take on how to correct the country's path.

"Right now we don’t allow insurance companies to compete state to state, so a few insurance companies can essentially monopolize the business in each state. If we created a national market for health care with hundreds of companies competing for our business the price would go down and the variety of products would go up."
—Senator Jim DeMint on health care reform

For more from Senator DeMint, watch his speech on the Senate floor against President Obama's health care plan:


Senator Jim DeMint

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Amy Holmes

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Well I for one am not going to be swept into socialism, My ancestors did not fight for the type of goverment Obama and his starry eyed followers want to impose on us.

Aug. 09 2009 07:46 PM

DeMint is right on the mark and it's about time the Obama-ites got called to task. Let's hear it for free market solutions to complex economic problems, not more regulation.

Aug. 05 2009 10:59 AM
Dennis Costello

Listening to John Hockenberry and Sen.Demint talk about the staged Youtube-ready townhall healthcare reform shoutapaloozas as "grassroots mvements" was an insult to the idea of journalism. It would have been nice if Hockenberry roused himself from his hack-induced topor to mention to either Demint or the listener that these so-called grassroot demonstrations can only be considered " democracy in action" if your definition of democracy is stretched to accommodate multi-billion dollar insurance and pharmacuteical corporations paying millions of dollars to p.r. firms and lobbyists to set up dummy "citizens groups" who organize these staged media chum sessions for people like John Hockenberry who have great healthcare to use as another highlight as they report on politics as if it just another football game or season of American Idol. Shame on you, John Hockenberry!

Aug. 05 2009 09:52 AM
Hugh Sansom

DeMint is a damn liar. When liberals and progressives showed up to protest at Republican (or DeMint style American Nazi) meetings, they were arrested. Herr Bloomberg in NYC rounded up 1600 New Yorkers who did nothing more than march, yell and carry signs during the 2004 Republican National Convention.

DeMint is a perfect example of the very worst elements of the United States. He will advocate opening up private competition nationwide but Republicans did nothing along these lines during the 8 years they had control.

He knows that private health insurers are already rationing. He knows that Bush government tried to run our lives right down to our freedom to speak.

He is a vile vile liar.

Aug. 05 2009 09:26 AM
Dave MacPherson

In todays interview, Senator Demint suggested his alternate healthcare plan that included a $5000 tax credit or voucher for every family in America, to buy health insurance. He stated that 5K was the cost for a typical family policy. He also proposed
opening up markets to more competition between carriers.
A. $5k times approx. 70 million families would cost the government MANY times what the Democratic plan would cost, driving deficits even higher.
B. The REAL cost of a family policy is more like $12K
C. The plans before congress already provided for an insurance clearing house that would promote nothing new there.

Demint was talking trash, and John Hockenberry failed to call him on it.

Very disappointing. Very poor journalism.

Aug. 05 2009 08:06 AM

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