The President's Coming Decision on Afghanistan

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

President Barack Obama announced yesterday that he will soon announce his decision on our strategy in Afghanistan. When he says he intends to “finish the job,” what does he mean? Here to help us answer that is David Sanger, chief Washington correspondent for our partner, The New York Times. And to help us see what the consequences of finishing the job will be are Charlie Sennott, executive editor and vice president of GlobalPost, and Nadir Atash, former Afghan government official and author of “Turbulence: The Tumultuous Journey of One Man's Quest for Change in Afghanistan


Nadir Atash, David Sanger and Charlie Sennott

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Miles O'Brien


David J Fazekas

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Economizing the troop deployment I guess to satisfy Senator Obe, by cutting back 5 or 6 thousand boots on the ground, harkens to that svelte military deployment concept forwarded by Donald Rumsfeld. We saw where that got us in Iraq. Unreasonable loss of troops just to prove a point. Do we want to bring an end to Al Qaeda or is the goal to win the hearts and minds of the US Senate?

Nov. 25 2009 07:12 AM

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