Covering Iran from the Inside and Beyond

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Most representatives of the foreign press have been expelled from Iran. Who's covering the story now, and how trustworthy is the reporting? And what are the differences between the Western media's coverage of the protests versus the Arab world's coverage? The Takeaway discusses the issue with two Iranian-American journalists. Kouross Esmaeli is an Iranian-American independent journalist and filmmaker who has worked for Al-Jazeera English. Ramin Talaie is an Iranian-American freelance photojournalist with dual citizenship. He is just back from covering the June 12th elections and the unrest there for Bloomberg and The New York Times.

(Photo by Ramin Talaie)


Kouross Esmaeli and Ramin Talaie


Noel King and Jen Poyant

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Marty, Brentwood NH

The headline for today regarding Iran could be

Immoral, Violent Government Attacks Citizens, Suppresses Truth


Theological Government Incites Violence, Suppresses Truth

Hoping to convey how a supposedly "moral" theological authority betrays its citizens, and cannot later be trusted to negotiate nuclear matters, as they are morally bankrupt.

Jun. 23 2009 06:26 AM

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