Counties that count: Talking with voters in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

Friday, September 19, 2008

They're swing counties in swing states — and they may be the spots where this election is decided. In the first of a series on "counties that count," The Takeaway's Political Director Andrea Bernstein visits Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania's Luzerne County to see how voters there are reacting to the economic crisis and the candidates.
Guest: Andrea Bernstein, Takeaway Political Director

Correction: Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, voters picked Al Gore (D) over George W. Bush (R) in 2000 and John Kerry (D) over George W. Bush (R) in 2004.

Profile: Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
District map (pdf)
FIPS Code 079

Largest City

2004 Election Results
51.1% Kerry (D)
47.8% Bush (R)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

2000 Election Results
52.0% Gore (D)
43.8% Bush (R)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Population (2006 Est.)
U.S. Census Bureau

Population Change (2006 vs. 2000)
U.S. Census Bureau

Population, White (2006)
U.S. Census Bureau

Most common ancestry (2000)
U.S. Census Bureau

Median household income (2004)
U.S. Census Bureau

Top Employers (2006)
Wyoming Valley Health Care System (Health Care) - 3,500
Proctor & Gamble Paper Products Co. (Paper Products) - 2,450
Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. (Automotive Parts) - 1,425
PG Energy (Utilities/Gas) - 1,269
Luzerne County Chamber of Commerce


Andrea Bernstein and Katherine Lanpher

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