Counties that count: Franklin County, Missouri

Thursday, October 02, 2008

They're swing counties in swing states — and they may be the spots where this election is decided. In the fourth of a series on "counties that count," The Takeaway's Political Director Andrea Bernstein talks with voters in Franklin County, Missouri. It's a bellwether county in a bellwether state. "As goes Missouri, so goes the nation."
Guest: Andrea Bernstein, Takeaway Political Director


Katherine Lanpher

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arthur kriemelman

I'm a native of MO, St. Louis....and like much of the "show me" state attitude, even though I have lived in Manhattan, ny ny the last 20 years.
As such, Ms Pallin, was again "off point" last night by consistently going to her pre scripted "talking points" and not answering the moderator's question. This erodes the purpose of the debate process..doesn't it? So, Gov Pallin shows us she can be well rehearsed on scripted talking points written by a professional..but, not, that she can think on her feet. And, many listeners this morning on "The TakeAway" even referred to the show last night as an in "she did better in this interview than the Couric ones"...(or words to that effect.) To me....if she does another Couric interview...a real interview, this afternoon, it will come out the same as the previous Couric interviews because she will do the needed "follow up" question, like, can we try this again..let me repeat the question.
If it seems like this reply does not belong in the "franklin county" space on your site, I do this to make a point. It's the same approach Gov Pallin succeeded with last night.
Thank you,
Arthur Kriemelman
148 Greene Street
NY NY 10012

Oct. 03 2008 09:55 AM

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