A Congressman-Doctor Says No to Insurance

A representative from Wisconsin takes a stand for affordable healthcare

Monday, June 15, 2009

With the healthcare reform debate heating up on Capitol Hill, many politicians and doctors are jumping in to have their say. But what if you're both a doctor and a representative? Joining The Takeaway to discuss his vision for better health care is Congressman Steven Kagen, a Democrat representing Wisconsin and a former practicing physician. In an effort to underscore how broken the U.S. health care system is, Kagen has refused to be insured until there is affordable health care for all.


Steven Kagen

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I don't know anything about Rep. Kagen, but as a Democrat myself I must say that Kagen's responses in this interview were pretty sad. First of all, his decision to opt out of health insurance sounds like nothing more than a cheap gimmick as well as being irresponsible. But his stonewalling at Hockenberry's bankruptcy question was downright embarrassing and dishonest. He could have simply said that we don't know yet (which we don't) or that Obama's plan is just a start. Instead he used lame TV talk show tactics to dodge the question, tactics that are so jarring and obvious on a show like The Take Away. Thanks for grilling him.

Jun. 15 2009 10:28 AM

As far as difficult, painful procedures go, what is the cost to extract a straight answer from a Congressman?? Thanks for not letting him get away without complaint, John!

Jun. 15 2009 10:00 AM

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