Finding Plot Threads Before 'LOST' Finale

Friday, May 21, 2010

Over the past six years, viewers (or perhaps the better term is devotees) of television’s hit mystery show, "LOST," have been patiently perplexed by the same questions as the show’s main characters. While these questions far outnumber answers in this show made famous for its mind bending twists and turns, that hasn’t stopped the legions of faithful to hope for the best when the show wraps in a 2 ½ hour series finale, set to air this Sunday.

But what about the non-faithful? Is it possible for those of us who haven't seen the show to catch up and enjoy the end of television’s latest, and possibly greatest, epic? The Onion AV Club's Noel Murray, and Emily Nussbaum, TV critic for New York Magazine give us a primer and analysis of the upcoming “superbowl of science fiction.” 


Noel Murray and Emily Nussbaum,

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Carole from FL

Lost should end with a plane coming in and all characters (past and present) get on the plane and they leave into the wild blue yonder.

May. 21 2010 09:55 AM

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