Closed GM Plants May Get a Facelift

Thursday, May 20, 2010

During the decline of the American auto industry, thousands of people lost their jobs and the plants they once worked in were left abandoned. On Tuesday, President Obama announced a plan to spend over $800 million to clean up closed GM plants. 

One of those sites lies in Massena, NY, which was closed in May of 2009. Laura Bomyea is a reporter for the Daily Courier-Observer in Massena, and she says that before anything can be built on that GM site, it badly needs a cleaning as it is now considered a heavily polluted area by the EPA.


Laura Bomyea

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jill micka

I live in the TarCreek Superfund site which has held #1 EPA Superfund slot for 25 years. I appreciate how Ms. Bomyea recognizes that "clean up" work can be done to meet various EPA OU phases, but a s'fund site still be too contaminated to estimate when it would be "usable" again. And since the Superfund Tax on polluters was cut several years ago, it's the Community, not the Polluters, who have to pay to address related hazard issues found at a site.

May. 20 2010 05:29 PM

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