Mexico Reacts to America's Immigration Policies

Thursday, May 20, 2010

President Barack Obama (R) welcomes Mexican President Felipe Calderon for an official state visit during a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House May 19, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

Mexican President Felipe Calderon will address a joint session of Congress today, as he continues his visit to the United States. Yesterday he joined President Obama at the White House and spoke out against Arizona's recent immigration law.

For a closer look at this visit by Calderon we speak with Eric Olson, an analyst on U.S.-Mexico relations at the Woodrow Wilson Center. We're also joined by Franc Contreras, a freelance reporter in Mexico City, for a look at how the Mexican people perceive the United States and its policies.


Franc Contreras and Eric Olson

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Ron Cooper

I have been an avid listener of public radio for a few years now but I'm rethinking my committement to it due to shows like The Takeaway. Public radio should be unbiased but this show clearly demonstrates its biases every time I tune in. The pool of commentators that speak with the show's hosts about the Arizona Immigration Bill are always one-sided against the Bill and the hosts, Mr Hockenberry and Ms. Headlee, never ask any detailed information about the Bill itself and what it actually says. They just prefer to sit back and let biased, misinformed opinions spew over the airwaves. It would help if the producers of this show and the hosts actually read the Bill themselves. It would also help if President Obama and Attorney General Holder read the law before reacting to it as well!
It's easy to judge from afar when you are not the one actually having to deal with the problem of illegal immigration in Arizona. People are suffering from crime problems and economic hardships. Why do these people not matter to our President and his administration? Why do these people not matter to this show and why are their concerns seemingly less important than illegal immigrants' plight? It seems this show would rather be politically correct than truthful. This is NOT a racist law and it has provisions in it to keep police officers from racial profiling. I am outraged that President Obama stood beside President Calderon and let him speak out against a law that he has no right to speak out against. Mexico has much tougher immigration laws than the U.S. (I know I lived in Monterrey Mexico for four months last year while working at an international school).
I love Mexican culture and studied anthropology in college and graduate school. I have nothing against Latinos and I am certainly not a racist! But, because I support this law and the people whose livelihoods are suffering because the federal government has not done its job, the media would label me a racist for supporting the Arizona Bill. Outrageous!
Non-Latino citizens count too and we have a voice and need to be heard. Not to mention the many legal Latino citizens who support the Bill as well but never get any air time. Why does The Takeaway ignore this group of people? Are they ignorant, misguided racists as well for agreeing with the Immigration Bill?

Shame on President Obama, shame on the media and The Takeaway, shame on politicians from all sides who have done nothing to curb this problem over the years, and shame on those Americans who spew out racist slurs (towards non-Latinos) and ignorant rants to people of Arizona and others around the country who support this Bill. Most of these so-called "racists" love other cultures and welcome immigrants (because we understand we are all immigrants in the U.S.), just legal immigrants who pay taxes and care about the welfare of this country.

You have lost one supporter of public radio.

May. 20 2010 11:41 AM
Dianne Provost from Branford, CT

Please reconsider the use of your segway music themes...too many, too often, too long, too annoying. When you first started using them, I thought my radio was receiving two stations at the same time.

When you start an interview, finish it. Why do you have to come back to it in a few minutes?

Sending the hosts of the show to different locations to cover events or situations is not necessary and is probably very expensive, and not necessary.

I have been listening to WNYC AM for decades, I contribute what I can, and lately I have switched stations during The Take Away.

Thanks for reading the above comments - WNYC AM is still my station of choice,

Diane B. Provost

May. 20 2010 08:20 AM

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