Primary Results; David Frum on GOP; PA Gov. Rendell; Urban Farming; Finances and Relationships

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Examining last night's election results; former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, David Frum on the GOP's next moves; Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on the races in his state; allegations of police misconduct during an accidental shooting in Detroit; one New Yorker's attempt at farming in the city; Beth Kobliner on finances and relationships.

Top of the Hour: 'A Win for the People,' Morning Headlines

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Tony Norman analyzes his state's primary; headlines.


The Race to Come After Primary Results in Pennsylvania and Arkansas

The results are in. Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter lost the Democratic primary to Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Penn.), while incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln will now face Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in a run-off election in three weeks.

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Takeouts: More Questions About Goldman Sachs' Business Practices, Listeners Respond to Anti-Incumbent Fever

  • WALL STREET TAKEOUT: After the SEC filed a civil fraud suit against Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs in April 16th, the company’s executives went on the defense, publicly stating that they operated with nothing but their client’s best interests in mind. Louise Story finance reporter for our partner The New York Times joins us with an exclusive report that puts the accuracy of those assertions in jeopardy.
  • LISTENERS RESPOND: Takeaway listeners tell us what they think about voting out the party in charge, and being "out" in the work place.



Detroit Girl's Family Sues Police Over Shooting

The family of Aiyana Stanley-Jones, a seven-year-old Detroit girl killed by a police bullet during a raid early Sunday, filed a lawsuit in state and federal courts, alleging police misconduct in the incident. The family has retained high-profile attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who said at a news conference Tuesday that he has seen a tape of the incident that was shot by a crew from the A&E reality show, The First 48.


Arizona Losing Tourists, Seeks to Rebrand

In the wake of Arizona's new immigration law, the state is facing a growing public relations problem, and big potential losses in tourism and other forms of revenue. Everyone from convention-goers to bands on tour are avoiding the state, and the city of Phoenix predicts a loss of $90 million over the next five years because of these cancellations. We want to know from you: If you were to rebrand YOUR state, what slogan would you come up with? Tell us in six words or fewer. 

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A New York City Farmer Tells His Story of Food and Disaster

For this week’s food segment, we talk with Manny Howard, a man who turned his tiny New York City backyard into a farm, complete with produce and livestock.

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Top of the Hour: Riding the Anti-Incumbent Wave, Morning Headlines

Takeaway Washington correspondent, Todd Zwillich, tells us what yesterday's primaries may tell us about November; headlines.


2010 Primaries: Reading the Tea Leaves with David Frum

To many political strategists, pundits and observers, the results of yesterday’s primary elections may offer key insights to voter behavior in November’s midterm elections. Did yesterday’s results challenge the popular notion that the 2010 elections will be a correction to the Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate? Or was there even bigger surprises in the form of viable, Tea Party candidate?

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Takeouts: Europe's Financial Crisis, Playoffs and Performance-Enhancing Drugs

  • ECONOMY TAKEOUT: Even after a $1 trillion bailout plan, the euro fell to its lowest level in four years for a brief moment last week, causing bank shares in Europe to plunge. Wall Street followed suit. We talk with Dr. Mark Zandi, Chief Economist of Moody's Analytics, about how Europe's economic woes could impact the U.S.
  • SPORTS TAKEOUT: Last night's NBA and NHL playoffs are recapped by Takeaway Sports Contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, who also tells us about a Canadian doctor charged with supplying performance-enhancing drugs to professional football players. 


TMI: Find Someone Sharing Information

Are we sharing too much information on Twitter and Facebook? We're exploring the benefits and the downsides of sharing our personal lives making our private lives public. Help us in an experiment!

Seek out a stranger that you see sharing information on the internet — on Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare — anyone who catches your interest. Don't go stalking though, just reach out and ask them one question for us: What benefit does he or she get from sharing personal information publicly? Tell us what happens and we'll talk about it on the air.

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Governor Ed Rendell on Pennsylvania's Primary Race

A year ago Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter quit the Republican party to join the Democrats. He won the support of President Obama, organized labor and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. But he lacked the support of the voters and lost yesterday's primary to Rep. Joe Sestak. 

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Fighting Continues in Bangkok

The Thai government has imposed a curfew in Bangkok after a military operation to remove protesters from the city center. However, there is still fighting in parts of the capital and TV cameras are showing smoke rising from burning buildings. The BBC's Lucy Williamson is in Bangkok. She tells us what she's seeing there and whether the crisis is over.


DIY Bailout: Saving Money with Your Partner

It's our final installment of our Do It Yourself Bailout series. Takeaway contributor Beth Kobliner has taken us on a financial journey; she's helped us learn how to invest the right way, trick ourselves into saving, and understand the art of negotiating. Today, we talk about a big piece of your financial and personal life: your spouse or partner. 

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Senator Bob Casey Jr. Reacts to Pennsylvania Primary Results

In yesterday's primary, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter lost to the more liberal candidate, Rep. Joe Sestak. This anti-incumbent fever has been well documented across the country and the question is, what will it mean for sitting Senators and Congressmen? We put that quetion to Sen. Bob Casey Jr., a moderate Democrat from Pennsylvania who has been watching the race closely.