Senator Bob Casey Jr. Reacts to Pennsylvania Primary Results

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In yesterday's primary, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter lost to the more liberal candidate, Rep. Joe Sestak. This anti-incumbent fever has been well documented across the country and the question is, what will it mean for sitting Senators and Congressmen? We put that quetion to Sen. Bob Casey Jr., a moderate Democrat from Pennsylvania who has been watching the race closely.

We speak with Sen. Casey about Sen. Specter's loss and what Pennsylvania needs to do now. Looking ahead to November's midterm elections, Sen. Casey says that economic stress is the biggest issue with voters and that despite all the endorsements and analysis, the November elections will be about the economy and jobs. However, when asked if he thinks he would have won, had he been up for re-election yesterday, Sen. Casey says, "I have no idea... We'll see, I have an election in 2012 and I'll be ready."


Senator Bob Casey , Jr.

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Ben Brock Johnson

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