Teacher and Mayor. That's Change at the Most Local Level

The new mayor of La Marque, Texas, is also a first-grade teacher

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bringing change to Washington — it’s the campaign promise that helped land President Obama in the White House. But far away from the intricacies of Washington politics and way outside the Beltway, a first grade teacher named Geraldine Sam recently decided she wanted to bring her own form of change to her hometown of La Marque, Texas, a little town just north of Galveston. Ms. Sam, as her students call her, ran for mayor. She has just been elected the first African American woman leader in the history of the city, and in Galveston County. Mayor-elect Gerry Sam joins The Takeaway to talk about her goals for La Marque. Listen in or you get a time-out!


Geraldine Sam

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Randy from Texas City

Now she's the first african american woman mayor to be recalled in La Marque. Using Quanell X to help her cause is where she shot herself in the foot.

Feb. 26 2011 01:24 AM

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