Cash for Clunkers Cashed-Out

Friday, July 31, 2009

Last week we reported on the Obama administration's “cash for clunkers” program—where you can trade in your old beater for a credit on a new, more fuel efficient car. The rewards program was supposed to last well into the Fall, but news late last night says "cash for clunkers" may have already been cashed out. Joining The Takeaway this morning with more is Louise Story, a reporter for The New York Times.


Louise Story

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Amy Holmes


Jesse Baker

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Heaven help us if they pour even more money into this. There's nothing I like better than helping rich people who can afford new cars trade in their perfectly-good gas-guzzlers for cars that are only slightly less of gas guzzlers. Yay for rewarding environmental irresponsibility and giving money to the rich!

My mom tried to convince me to trade in my 18-year-old, 40-MPH Honda Civic in this deal. I had to explain to her that besides the fact that I can't afford a new car and wouldn't buy one if I could, that's not how it works. People who have truly old cars, and those who actually gave a crap about the environment and their wallet (gas cost) when buying are SOL.

Aug. 03 2009 10:21 AM

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