The case of the shrinking infrastructure bill

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The amount allocated to transportation and infrastructure in President-elect Obama's proposed economic stimulus bill is being crowded out by tax cuts and other measures…much to the dismay of transportation advocates. Why are transportation and infrastructure disappearing? Since Encyclopedia Brown's not available, we turn to The Takeaway’s Andrea Bernstein who spent this week in Washington investigating at the annual conference of the Transportation Research Board.


Jesse Baker and Andrea Bernstein

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Sure brings it all together! It was bad enough hearing Obie talk about how there isnt time to get shiny new hoses, we just have to use the old hoses. Great! Some change.
Obama plans to just send the moneys to the state bureaucracies and let them spend it in their bureaucratic ways? highway departments are going to build new lanes.
There are shovel ready, or almost shovel ready, new vision projects.
Dont throw away our money on projects that conflict with the other priorites: green infrastructure, energy conservation, etc., etc.
Its so clear its like the emperor's new clothes.

Jan. 14 2009 09:32 AM

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