Is Facebook Going Too Far with Privacy Changes?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A graphic representation of privacy policies on Facebook (Matt McKeon/

Facebook users have become wary of the privacy settings on the social networking site, and now lawmakers may also be taking a closer look at the company and whether the public has enough protections on the website. Takeaway digital editor, Jim Colgan, explains how users' privacy has become less of a priority on the site since its inception, and what lawmakers can do.

Abby writes on Facebook

"The main problem is that Facebook never seems to explain their policies clearly and directly to their users. I usually have to turn to other sources (such as the New York Times) to learn about managing my account to maintain the level of privacy that I want. So far I haven't been moved to cancel my account, but I always feel I have to stay two steps ahead of the service. It's definitely a pain."

Amy writes:

"I wonder if these security issues will the undoing of Facebook? I do think the concept of social networking sites is good, but they will evolve and get better and will ultimately look and work differently than they do today."


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