California's gay marriage battle heats up again

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today, California’s Supreme Court takes up the issue of whether Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that effectively banned gay marriage in that state, is legal or not. The hotly-contested proposition passed last year and heads to the court today over questions of constitutionality. The courthouse should be a spectacle as protesters on both sides of the issue rally and even Ken Starr is expected to make an appearance. To tell us more about the gay marriage debate in California and across the country, Kenji Yoshino of New York University Law School joins us.

For a comedic take on the gay marriage battle in California, here's "Prop. 8 The Musical":


Kenji Yoshino

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Farai Chideya


Mary Harris

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I take exception to the "title" phrase of this piece on the take away. The commentator repeatly reported this as "A hidden attack on Gay Marriage". I believe this depicts a bias in the reporting.

1) Proposition 8 was a public ballot. It was not "hidden". Whether it was an attack or defense depends upon your point of view.
2) Proposition 8 passed, and banned Gay Marriage in California. So the issue before the court could not be identified as an attack on Gay Marriage. At best it is an attack on Proposition 8.
3) As raised in the piece, the issue before the court is not Gay Marriage, but whether a ballot question can change the consititution.

As there are two sides to a discussion, I feel the side supporting voter's right to overturn Court decisions was omitted.

Mar. 05 2009 07:08 AM

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