Get On The Bus, Gus: Bus Rapid Transit Takes Hold

It's a "rail on rubber" -- and might be just what cities are looking for

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

With shrinking budgets and expanding populations, cities across the globe are desperate for cheap mass transit. From Johannesburg to Jakarta to Cleveland, city governments are choosing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)— a bus system that acts like a train but with no tracks or rails. The Takeaway talks to freelance reporter Steven Dudley, who explored the successful BRT system in Bogota, Colombia, and to Dan Moulthrop, reporter for WCPN, Cleveland Public Radio, where the city has been making the transition to a Bus Rapid Transit system.

To see the buses in action, watch the film below:


Steve Dudley and Dan Moulthrop

Hosted by:

Farai Chideya


MJ Davis and Noel King

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