Bus Chick says public transit is romantic

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seattle native Carla Saulter doesn't have a car, and her city doesn't have a subway, so she gets everywhere by bus. She says it's changed her life--for the better. Carla has become a transit advocate and writes the "Bus Chick" blog for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. She joins The Takeaway to tell us how she's getting around in Seattle.
"I met my husband on the bus."
— Carla Saulter on the romance of bus travel


Carla Saulter


Nadia Zonis

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Evelyn C.

I applaud her enthusiasm and every city could use a Bus Chick touting the wonders of bus travel, but I wonder if she's been snowed in the last few days and hasn't had to wait for a Seattle bus:

Evelyn in snowy, icy, coastal Western WA

Dec. 24 2008 10:10 AM
Mary Connor

I think the Takeaway tries to hard to be edgy. Case in point, John Hockenberry not understanding what the word "romantic" means. Does he really not understand this word? Or is he just trying to be cute? If he truly doesn't know what the word means, that seems kind of sad. If he's just trying to be cute, could he spare us that?

Dec. 24 2008 09:51 AM

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