Swing batter! It's Major League Baseball's opening day

Monday, April 06, 2009

Today is Major League Baseball's opening day and the players are ready. Whether it be the Rays or the Diamondbacks the game is on and the fans are excited. But in this economy, the competition isn't just on the field. Baseball teams are competing for your buck and it's way past peanuts and cracker jack as they angle for those precious season ticket sales. Takeaway Tailgater Jeff Beresford-Howe joins us to talk about the wacky ways ($4 beer?!) some teams are trying to bring fans back to the park.

And, take a look ahead at the '09 season, with a list of predictions for the finish of each team, a quick summary of the team's prospects, and a round-up of what they're doing to entice cash-strapped fans to spend at the ballpark.


Jeff Beresford-Howe


Noel King

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