Senator (Novelist) Barbara Boxer

California senator talks about Afghanistan, the environment, and her new novel

Monday, October 12, 2009


Most people know Barbara Boxer as one of California's two Democratic senators, and some people know that she is the chair of the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee. But did you know that she’s also a novelist? Her new political thriller, "Blind Trust," is in book stores now. She sits down with us to talk about her book, as well as U.S. policy on Afghanistan and climate change. (... click through for the full interview transcript)


Senator Barbara Boxer

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Steve Gordy

When your interview with Senator Boxer came on the air, I swore and turned off the radio. At a time when thousands of writers (such as myself) are clawing to get acceptance from agents, publishers, and the reading public, for a Washington twit to have the time to write a novel (even a roman a clef) rather than attend to her legislative duties is a (bleeping) insult. The only difference between Barbara Boxer the writer and Sarah Palin the writer is party affiliation. Neither would command any attention if they were not already national figures.

Oct. 12 2009 12:31 PM

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