'Balloon Boy' Family No Strangers to Cameras

Father says concern for son genuine, no hoax

Friday, October 16, 2009

While the nation was riveted by the story of the boy who may have drifted away in his father's homemade flying machine, Alessandra Stanley, TV critic for our partner The New York Times, was a little suspicious. After all, this was the family that had appeared on the reality show "Wife Swap," and was already known for pretty eccentric behavior. Her suspicions may have been strengthened when the family appeared on CNN and the boy, Falcon Heene, of Fort Collins, Colo., said they "did this for a show." Was the Heene family pulling a publicity stunt? Or was their genuine concern for their son's safety overshadowed because the Heenes have a long history of camera-seeking?  

Here's the Heene family's response to CNN reporters' questioning the validity of their claims:


Alessandra Stanley

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