What Will Obama Do with Bagram Detainees?

Like Guantanamo, a dilemma for the U.S. government

Monday, May 25, 2009

The fate of 248 detainees held at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center in Cuba has been in the spotlight. We’ve heard much less about the 600 detainees currently being held at Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan. New reporting from our partners at The New York Times shows that the detainees at Bagram present the U.S. with yet another massive challenge. A federal judge ruled on April 2 that some foreign prisoners have the right to use U.S. courts to challenge their detention. For more, The Takeaway talks to Richard Oppel Jr. the New York Times reporter who has been following this story.

For more, read Richard Oppel Jr.'s article, U.S. Captain Hears Pleas for Afghan Detainee, in today's New York Times.


Richard Oppel, Jr.

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Farai Chideya and Katherine Lanpher


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