A.O. Scott Reviews 'Bruno': Flaunting His Umlauts

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sasha Baron Cohen's latest feature film Bruno opens in theaters nationwide today. The film follows a gay Austrian fashion reporter who travels the world flaunting his homosexuality and his naivete, annoying people and eliciting their offensive—and often funny—reactions. New York Times film critic A.O. Scott joins The Takeaway with his review.

For more, read A.O. Scott's review of Bruno, Teutonic Fashion Plate Flaunts His Umlauts, in The New York Times.

To listen to our conversation with GLAAD's Rashad Robinson and Alfons Haider, the openly-gay Austrian television host (who Bruno might be based on), click here.

Watch a clip from the movie below.


A.O. Scott

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Sephen Brown

AO Scott must not be gay.

His comment that Bruno is an over the top gay stereotype that is not offensive shows how out of touch he is with homophobia.

This is a minstrel show and supports the stereotyping of a group where there is institutional and legal bigotry.

His comment that people are smart enough to know that Bruno is funny and we are laughing "with him" is just ridiculous. I am not implying people are stupid...just that media representation of stereotype is dnagerous and at this pivotal point in gay rights to show this travesty is so insulting to me as I gay man I am speechless...welol, not entirely.

AO Scott and the interviewer join in the supporting the bigotry towards gay people.

A huge dissapointment from WNYC

Jul. 10 2009 08:47 AM

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