Americans are staying put (but not entirely by choice)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Americans have stopped moving! And the economy is to blame. While this isn't particularly revelatory, our partners at the New York Times are reporting that fewer Americans moved last year than in any year since 1962 and it seems to be directly related to the housing slump. The numbers also suggest that Americans were unable or unwilling to follow any job opportunities that may have existed around the country, as they have in the past. Sam Roberts writes about demographics for the New York Times and joins us to maybe help explain to us why we have stopped moving.

For more, read Sam Roberts' article, As Housing Market Dips, More in U.S. Are Staying Put in today's New York Times.


Sam Roberts

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Katherine Lanpher


David J Fazekas

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Marie Tischler

Health Insurance - I know people over the last half dozen or more years who would explore other jobs/opportunities/areas but can't afford to leave or change or do without their health coverage.

I don't see this mentioned but maybe it's a contributing factor??

Apr. 23 2009 09:12 AM

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