An automobile marriage of Chrysler and Fiat

Friday, May 01, 2009

Chrysler is getting another chance to rewrite its business plan and this time it's with Fiat, the Italian car company known for zippy sports cars that are far from that of Detroit V-8 engines. This is Fiat's way of breaking into the American auto industry and Chrysler's way of keeping its cars on the roadway.

On The Takeaway is Nelson Schwartz, the European economics correspondent for the New York Times who wrote the piece "Chrysler Gets an Italian Accent".


Nelson Schwartz

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Daljit Dhaliwal and Todd Zwillich

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I hear a lot of pooh-poohing these days about Fiat taking over Chrysler but here's an interesting statistic for you: in spite of an incredibly bad economy and ailing U.S. auto industry one of Fiat's U.S. V8-engined car manufacturers - Maserati - had it's best year ever in its 83-year history with an increase of 17% over 2007. And the U.S. is its biggest market!

May. 01 2009 04:28 PM

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