A look at Charles Darwin's legacy as the theory of evolution turns 150

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

One hundred and fifty years ago, Charles Darwin's theories of evolution and natural selection were presented at the Linnean Society of London. A year and a half later, Darwin published what is now a monumental work: "The Origin of the Species." The Takeaway looks at Darwin's legacy and the continuing debate surrounding evolution.

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Everyone likes to watch a good fight, and when one isn't available, we arrange one. That, combined with mainstream media's need to make everything into soundbytes, has insured that reporting on the crisis in evolution education is always framed as religion vs science when, in reality, it just ain't so. Reporters seem to talk alot about how they have to find a fresh prospective on an old story, so there must be something I'm missing for why you folks never mention that most theologians and religioius leaders have no major problems with religion. Only crusading atheists, crusading fundamentalists, and reporters, see the evolution education conflict as religion vs. science. Why not interview the not-so-silent majority of scientists and theologians who don't see a need for a fight? There's a fresh story.

Jul. 02 2008 07:27 AM

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