Al Franken and Norm Coleman Face Off in Minnesota

Monday, June 01, 2009

Al Franken and Norm Coleman face off today in Minnesota Supreme Court as oral arguments start for the selection of junior senator in the land of ten thousand lakes. Norm Coleman's team declared that not all the votes have been counted and that Al Franken did not legally obtain the most votes. But, even if the court rules that no more ballots should be counted, Franken may still not gain the victory. Is he good enough, smart enough and dog-gone-it, do enough people like him to elect him Senator?

To figure out what's at stake for Al Franken and Norm Coleman, The Takeaway talks to Tom Scheck from Minnesota Public Radio.


Tom Scheck

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David, maybe you need to take your blinders off:

"there is nothing that the GOP will try to rob, cheat or steal to win an election"

Of course the Dems are pristine.

They would never:
use/encourage illegal aliens (yes those, not undocumented people) to cast votes (which is illegal);
use intimidation troops like Acorn to skew the vote;
pick names off gravestones to fill the voter lists (remember Daley?);

As to Albert "sore loser" Gore, he deserved to lose, he couldn't even carry his own state (which would have made him President never mind anything else). AND more important, for a SITTING Vice President of a very popular Presidency, and a GOOD economy NOT to be able to get a truly convincing vote margin, shows his weakness.

He is a silver-spoon, I-deserved-it-because-of-daddy, crybaby.
Which is not to say that W was better, he was a disgrace, but Al would have messed up too.

Jun. 12 2009 02:25 PM

The Republicans love due process - as long as they can manipulate it and benefit from it. As the 2000 Presidential election shows, there is nothing that the GOP will try to rob, cheat or steal to win an election. When Franken was 207 votes down on election night, Mr. Coleman called on Mr. Franken to concede. Now that HE is down more than that number, why is his own advice such a bad idea? Coleman has lost this particular election, and the real force driving the continual appeals is the prevention of a colture-proof Democratic Senate majority.

The GOP lost this one - enough already!

Jun. 01 2009 07:22 PM

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