AIG boss faces House firing squad today

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are busy pointing fingers in the fallout over the $165 million bailout of AIG and the executive bonuses. There's more to come today, as AIG boss Edward Liddy testifies in front of furious U.S. lawmakers at a House subcommittee. The Takeaway talks to Todd Zwillich from Capitol News Connection for the reaction, the political implications and what's ahead.

"You don't have enough fingers on both your hands to count all the fingers that were pointed yesterday in every direction."
— Todd Zwillich or Capital News Connection on reactions to the AIG bonuses

See reactions from Rep. Barney Frank and Sen. Chuck Grassley in this clip from Countdown with Keith Olbermann:


Todd Zwillich

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Farai Chideya


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