The Stonewall Riots and the Battle for Gay Rights

Friday, June 26, 2009


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Forty years ago this weekend, while the nation was mourning the death of singer Judy Garland, New York City police raided a gay bar in the West Villiage, The Stonewall Inn. Raids on the bar had happened before but this time gay men, drag queens and a few women fought back. It turned into a six-day rebellion that sparked the modern gay-rights movement.

David Bermudez was there that night. He was 26 years old and joins The Takeaway to talk about those raids. Also joining us is 26-year-old Jason Haas, a civil rights leader in the LGBT community.

"Cops would come in and harass us and push us around and put us in paddy wagons, and use us as pawns. Our crime was just that we were gay."
— David Bermudez remembering Stonewall

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Dave Bermudez and Jason Haas

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Katherine Lanpher

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Shubha Bala and Jen Poyant

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