Who Does Health Care Reform Leave Behind?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

As the health care bill enters a critical phase and the Senate Finance Committee gets ready to vote on it as early as next week, we take a look at who might get left behind. We talk with Takeaway Washington correspondent, Todd Zwillich, and two ordinary Americans from the health care trenches: Dr. Harry Walker, director of MetroHealth Center for Community Health in Cleveland, Ohio; and Andre Singleton, a 23-year-old student and uninsured cancer survivor from Kansas City, Mo.


Andre Singleton, Dr. Harry Walker and Todd Zwillich

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Rick Evans

Did anyone see the News Hour segment on reformed health care in the Netherlands. Everyone has to get insurance.

BUT, a basic plan is about $160/month. A basic plan if fairly comprehensive. A cancer patient with a basic plan was getting excellent care.

Netherlands Government fills the gap for very expensive and chronically sick patients. Netherlands spends less than 1/2 what the U.S spends on health care but has a healthier population.

All of the current legislation is intended to placate the insurance haves while solidifying medical industrial complex revenues and appearing to solve the problem of all those irresponsible uninsureds like Andre (I'M BEING SARCASTIC FOLKS.)


Oct. 07 2009 06:21 AM

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