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Tuesday, May 04, 2010 - 08:14 AM

Headlee's Headlines (Marco Antonio)

Each morning, Celeste Headlee scours the country’s newspapers for interesting stories. Here's her list for today:

From The Denver Post:
That controversial teacher tenure bill is coming up for debate on Thursday — only four days before this legislative session ends. From the article:

Senate Bill 191, which passed the Senate on Friday and was introduced into the House on Monday, seeks to tie 50 percent of teacher and principal evaluations to student growth and would change the way teachers get and keep tenure. 

From The Detroit News:
Following up on another company that got a massive bailout from the government — GMAC. The government still owns 56 percent of it, but the company made a $162 million profit in the first quarter, and it will change its name to Ally Financial.

From The La Times:
The Charlie Saikley Volleyball Tournament in Manhattan Beach draws crowds in the tens of thousands. From the article:

Then serious volleyball mixes with outrageous partying. Olympic gold medalists and other top pros may play a team dressed as WWE wrestlers or a squad dressed as Magnum P.I., down to the Tom Selleck mustaches and Hawaiian shirts.


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