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Friday, April 30, 2010 - 01:58 PM

Mary here. It’s Friday, and that means we’re gearing up for next week’s broadcast. Celeste will be back from Detroit, but Hock is taking some time off at the end of the week. Todd Zwillich will fill in while he’s away. This month marks 50 years since the FDA approved the birth control pill as a marketable contraceptive. We're talking to Erica Jong and her daughter about the pill and its effects on both their generations. And we want to hear from you. How has the pill affected you and your generation?

Here's what else is on our to do list:

MONDAY, MAY 3rd: “Jihad Jane” goes on trial in Pennsylvania court. Verdict expected in Mumbai terror trial. Hillary Clinton hosts UN Review conference to discuss renewing the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Metropolitan Museum of Art costume gala.

  • GETTING INVOLVED: With the oil spill in the gulf coast, we’re reaching out to families who are volunteering to clean up together. Ylonda Gault Caviness will join to talk about what projects families can do as a team, and why volunteering as a family is especially important now, with fewer and fewer of us belonging to religious communities. Learn more about family volunteering at!
  • ON THE PILL: This month marks 50 years since the FDA approved the birth control pill as a marketable contraceptive.  We’ll talk with feminist authors Erica Jong (author of Fear of Flying) and her daughter Molly Jong-Fast (author of The Sex Doctors in the Basement) about how the pill shaped their perceptions of what was possible for women. Seven years ago, Molly wrote a fascinating piece in the Times about getting unintentionally pregnant at 24.

TUESDAY, MAY 4TH :. Primary day in Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina. Treasury Secretary Geithner testifies to Senate Finance Committee. 1st Anniversary of first U.S. swine flu death: 33-year-old Texas schoolteacher, Judy Trunnell. Former First Lady Laura Bush’s memoir, "Spoken from the Heart," is published. Tony nominees announced. The Court Yard Hounds (2/3 of the Dixie Chicks) release their first album. 40th Anniversary of the Kent State shootings.

  • PAYCHECK SECRETS: When you’re at work, how do you know what you’re worth? Beth Kobliner is here to break the taboo on talking about salaries and tell you how to find out more about what you SHOULD be making at your job. She’ll have tips, too – for instance, we all know women are likely to make less than their male counterparts, but how do they stop the vicious cycle?
  • FOXY: Pam Grier’s new memoir is all about what it took to launch her career in Hollywood. It doesn’t pull a lot of punches, which is why she’s joining the show to tell us more.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 5TH :  “Cinco de Mayo” celebrated in Mexico, and world-wide. Vice President Biden visits Belgium and Spain.

  • INSURE YOU LISTEN TO THIS: We continue our DIY Bailout series. This week, Beth Kobliner talks about insurance – and how much is too much. Is travel insurance a scam? (Most of the time.) Do I need life insurance? (Not unless you have a kid.) The insurance everyone needs but probably doesn’t have? (You’ll have to listen to the show to find out about that one.) Beth tells you how to protect yourself AND your wallet.
  • TONYS: By Wednesday, we’ll know who the nominees are for the Tonys. On almost everybody’s short list? Bill T. Jones, for his transcendent choreography in Fela! – he has already been nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award. Our own Terrance McKnight got a chance to sit down with Bill T. Jones and talk about what inspires him. He’ll share his experience on The Takeaway first. (His whole interview will air on WNYC on May 15th.)

THURSDAY, MAY 6TH :  National Day of Prayer. UK general election. House Commerce subcommittee holds their latest hearing on Toyota recalls. Gallop releases their annual study of Interfaith relations.

FRIDAY, MAY 7TH :  Monthly unemployment rate released at 8:30 AM. UK election results expected. Carole King and James Taylor launch a reunion tour. Movies: “Babies” (documentary which follows one year in the life of four babies from around the world) and “Iron Man 2."

  • MOMS ON FILM: With Mother’s Day coming up, we’re talking about moms in the movies. Rafer Guzman will walk us through the best on-screen moms. (You should tell us your favorites, too!)

OVER THE WEEKEND: SATURDAY: 30th Anniversary of the eradication of smallpox. Michelle Obama delivers the commencement address at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff – when it was founded, it was the only state-sponsored university for African Americans in Arkansas. 40th Anniversary of “Let it Be”, the final album released by the Beatles. Betty White hosts ‘SNL’ following Facebook campaign... SUNDAY: Mother’s Day. 50th Anniversary of the FDA approving the birth control pill.



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