Takeouts: Arizona's 'Safe Neighborhoods' Bill Supporters Defend their Position, NHL Playoffs

Thursday, April 29, 2010

  • IMMIGRATION TAKEOUT: Arizona State Senate Bill 1070, also known as the “Safe Neighborhoods” bill, has pushed immigration reform to the top of the national agenda. Critics say that the anti-illegal immigration bill’s measures are far too harsh, and possibly even illegal the requirement that local and state police detain anybody with reasonable suspicion of being in the country illegally. We speak with Carmen Mercer, founder and president of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps who says that this is exactly the kind of legislation the state needs to protect its citizens from the crime that bleeds into our country over thousands of miles of insecure border.
  • SPORTS TAKEOUT: Last night was game seven in the first round of the NHL playoff series. We talk with Takeaway sports contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin for an update.


Ibrahim Abdul-Matin and Carmen Mercer

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I was wondering; was Celeste Headlee actually holding her nose while she interviewed Carmen Mercer? Although we couldn't see Ms. Headlee through our radios, her distaste for her program guest was so apparent, that I thought perhaps she might be manifesting signs of physical discomfort.

I thought that Carmen Mercer did a good job with the hostile questioning from Celeste Headlee.

Still, this choice of interview guest is an interesting one by The Takeaway; a local resident (which is probably a good perspective) but someone who, unlike Byron York of Rich Lowry, isn't exactly a media-savvy advocate. Instead, The Takeaway invited Carmen Mercer on to be assailed with questions on straw-man arguments about how threatened does Ms. Mercer feel, in Arizona.

There is a very strong, very powerful argument to be made that Arizona State Senate Bill 1070 is good law that is completely consistent with current federal law. But I won't hold my breath waiting for The Takeaway to air that viewpoint.

Rich Lowry in the National Review Online, pointing out that federal law, specifically 8 U.S. Code Sec. 1304(e), has for many years required that documented aliens carry with them at all times their immigration papers:


Byron York in the Washington Examiner on why the Arizona bill itself is thoroughly legal:


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