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Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 09:06 AM

Every morning, Celeste Headlee scours the country’s newspapers for interesting stories. We're sharing her story lists with you. Here's today's roundup:

From The Arizona Republic
An attorneys' convention scheduled in Phoenix this fall is being moved, and there is a widespread call to boycott Arizona. From the article:

The Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association on Monday set up its own Facebook page, "Don't Boycott AZ Tourism." The tagline: "Don't punish 200,000 tourism employees for politics."

From The Arizona Republic
A university in Arizona is going to install scanners in its classrooms to take "digital attendance." From the article:

Northern Arizona University will install an electronic system that detects when each student with an ID card walks through the door to some large classrooms. The system will produce an attendance report for the instructor.

From the Detroit News
Thousands of jobs being added to car industry, surprisingly. From the article:

General Motors Co. will announce today that it is investing about $890 million to upgrade five North American factories, a move that will create or retain 1,600 jobs and is part of its small-block engine program, two people familiar with the plans said Monday.

Is the Midwest really moving away from the focus on manufacturing that made them such victims of the recent recession, or are they falling into familiar and comfortable patterns?

From the Detroit Free Press
The Supreme Court has turned down this case about Asian carp, but it's likely that Congress will take it up.

From The LA Times
The question is, will Belarus extradite the former president? From the article:

The ousted president of Kyrgyzstan has been charged with organizing mass killings in the deadly uprising that forced him from office in this Central Asian country earlier this month, the leader of the interim authorities said Tuesday.

From The LA Times
New Yorkers  walked past a guy dying of stab wounds and did nothing- one person even lifted the man to see the blood pooling and then walked away. Does this prove humans are heartless, or just New Yorkers? (Kidding.)


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