Police Seize Computers After 'Gizmodo' Blog Reveals New iPhone

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

California police seized the computers of the Gizmodo editor who outed the new iPhone last week. The blogger, Jason Chen, says he's a journalist and that he should be able to protect his sources under a California shield law. Takeaway digital editor, Jim Colgan reports on the charges against the blogger and whether shield laws apply to the case.

He also drools over the police search warrant that lists Chen's personal gadget inventory.


Jim Colgan

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perry johnson from home pc

The fault lies with the moron who took the developmental phone out of the Apple company premises and then so carelessly left it in the bar. Blogger Chen has journalist bona fides and his actions can easily be accepted as the sincere pursuit of a "story". I don't see any case that can be made against him. The matter of "sources" is very peripheral to the real issue. Chen is not the valid target for Steve Job's upset or the Law's actions.

Apr. 27 2010 10:52 AM

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