Finance Regulatory Bill Blocked in Senate

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Senate Republicans held their caucus together and blocked debate on a bill to re-regulate the financial industry late Monday afternoon. Only one Democrat, Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, joined the GOP in a procedural move to prevent the bill from coming to the Senate floor. Other Democrats indicated that they would delay the rest of their agenda in order to keep bringing the bill back, perhaps as soon as Tuesday.

Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich gives us the latest on the Wall Street reform after Republicans blocked the Dodd's bill in the Senate yesterday.




Todd Zwillich

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here we go again- who is controlling how much and how far finacial regulatin can go - we know - th rapist finacial institutons who screwed thingsup. beginning not just 2008 but for along time.,they dont care who get hurt by their greed..- Goldmn sacs traders making bets on short sales laughing at their customers who are now defaulting because of them. Fraud Fraud Fraud. Imigration- enjoyed the interview with he Beat genration writer in mexixo City. BAsed on his depiction,, i need to get back to Mexico City andsee some prgressive moves going on.. The rest of mexico is a mess. U.S. policy has seen tthat. once agin ***ck the people. bring back Marx- from each according t his means to each according his needs. simple ? Good luck with that premise in this country.

Apr. 27 2010 09:16 AM

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