Denver Becomes Largest US City to Try Bike Sharing

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Denver Bike Share (Andrea Bernstein/WNYC)

At about 40 locations around downtown Denver, you can pick up a bike, ride it somewhere else and drop it off. The "Bcycle" program began yesterday, on Earth Day. Bike sharing is a mode of community transportation that's been tried in several European cities, and will be popping up in U.S. cities this summer; Denver is the first big American trial. Nathan Heffel, producer for jazz89 KUVO, checked in on the first day of Mile-High residents trying it out.


Nathan Heffel

Produced by:

Collin Campbell

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Thanks for continuing to keep Denver in the national conversation!

I, too, agree with Elizabeth, however. What does "red is very very Denver' mean? Denver, Aspen, Boulder, Ft. Collins, are bastions of progressiveness surrounded by red, but we remain as blue as the sky above.

Great story!

Apr. 25 2010 10:47 AM

Enjoyable story. Thanks, Nathan, for your coverage of what we granola-eaters consider an exciting event. I wonder what Mr. Hockenberry means in saying that red is "very, very Denver" -- given that our politics are usually blue, our actions (a la B-cycles) are ostensibly green, and our mountains are lyrically purple. Are we -- could we be -- sexy?

Apr. 24 2010 03:01 PM

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