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Friday, April 16, 2010 - 11:34 AM

Mary here, updating you on our plans for next week's shows. Here's what we think you'll be buzzing about in the next seven days:


...On the calendar: Day two of post-Copenhagen climate meeting in Washington, D.C. All week long, we’ll be on the lookout for Q1 reports from all kinds of companies (Citigroup, IBM, Yahoo…). 15th Anniversary of Oklahoma City Bombing; DHS Secretary Napolitano commemorates anniversary in Oklahoma. 5th Anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s election. Space Shuttle Discovery due to land at Kennedy Space Center. Boston Marathon (Holiday — Patriot’s Day — in Massachusetts).

ADOPTEES SPEAK OUT: The NY Times’ Lisa Belkin will join the show to talk about the Russian adoption scandal that’s rocking foreign affairs. We’re hoping she’ll be joined by a commenter from her blog, “Orlando Kevin.” He’s an adult now, but he’s also a former adoptee from Bolivia. He’s eloquent on the subject of how a child being rejected by adopted parents might feel. He says that he was abandoned by adopted parents not once, but twice.

UNDERCOVER IN AFGHANISTAN: We’ll preview Tuesday’s Frontline documentary with director Jamie Doran. “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan” goes undercover to expose a “Bacha Bazi” ring in Northern Afghanistan. “Bacha Bazi” — which was banned by the Taliban, but is making a comeback — involves recruiting young boys to dress in women’s clothing and dance for older men. The boys are often assaulted by their “masters.” Jamie and his colleague Najibullah Quraishi delayed production of the film so they could protect some of the children they met while shooting, and we’ll talk about the challenges of doing this kind of journalism. Radhika Coomaraswamy, U.N. Under Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, will also join the discussion. She’s one of the few international leaders who is speaking out about the practice.


...On the calendar: Green Day musical opens on Broadway. Unofficial “Marijuana Holiday.” Sarah Silverman memoir “The Bedwetter” is published.

MORE THAN JUST FETCHING COFFEE: Is your internship legal? And does it matter when we’re feeling the pinch of a recession? That’s the question we’re asking Beth Kobliner in our weekly work segment.

FOUR LETTER WORDS: With the unapologetically filthy “Kick Ass” in theaters this week, we wanted to talk a bit about why we curse in the first place. Linguist John McWhorter has a lot to say on the topic. We’re hoping he’ll be joined by a linguistic researcher, too. Stay tuned.


...On the calendar: President Obama meets with bipartisan senators about a replacement for Justice John Paul Stevens. IMF releases first two chapters of its World Economic Outlook. Redesigned $100 Bill is launched in Washington, D.C. Tribeca Film Festival Opens. 100th Anniversary of Mark Twain’s death. Peak of Lyrid meteor shower. 

IN THE KITCHEN: You may have noticed strawberries getting cheaper in the supermarket aisle. Wondering what to do with them? We were, too — and we wanted to go right to the source: Plant City, Fl. They’ve just wrapped up their annual strawberry festival — and we’re pursuing the Strawberry Queen and her court in search of the best strawberry recipes you’ve never heard of.

DIY BAILOUT: We continue our DIY Bailout series. This week, Beth Kobliner wants you to know that EVERYTHING is negotiable. Your interest rate, your checking fees — even the cost of an appliance at the store. We're hoping she can even help a listener who is struggling with fees and needs some help. And she'll tell you how to advocate for yourself, too.


...On the calendar: 40TH Anniversary of Earth Day. NFL Draft. UN Security Council report on Haiti. 10th Anniversary of FBI seizing Elian Gonzalez.

EARTH DAY: Today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day: and we wanted to ask — is Earth Day working? Joining the debate, Heather Rogers, the author of “Green Gone Wrong,” a new book about how the Green movement’s embrace of industry could be having a negative affect on actual environmentalism. She’s joined by Denis Hayes, the organizer who helped start Earth Day in 1970.


...On the calendar: G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, ahead of the weekend’s World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Opens. 25TH Anniversary of Coca-Cola changing their recipe (which was changed BACK three months later).

AT THE MOVIES: We’re hoping Rafer (and Kristen!) will take us behind the scenes as the Tribeca Film Festival opens in New York, and give us a barometer of what to look out for at the Cineplex later this year…


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Douglas Hardy from Concord, MA

I'll be appearing on MPR's morning show discussing the issues surrounding adoption and trauma on Monday April 19. I sent a summary of my book, "The Solution Room" a few days ago. Hope you're interested in discussing. I'm also a grateful listener to the Takeaway.

Apr. 18 2010 11:53 AM

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