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Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - 09:44 AM

Every morning, Celeste Headlee scours the country’s newspapers for interesting stories. We thought we’d start sharing her story list with you. Here's what she found today:

From The Chicago Sun Times:
In Chicago, the large number of vacant homes is causing a big increase in the raccoon population, and the critters are getting bolder as they get used to invading homes. At the same time, budget cuts mean there's no money for traps or animal control. From the article: Wilma Ward describes her encounter with a huge raccoon in her kitchen.

“I looked down the hallway and I saw a set of eyes, too. They weren’t low. I realized it was a raccoon because my neighbor had seen one around. There were two vacant buildings at the time across the back alley,” Ward said.

From The Arizona Republic:
There is a one-cent-per-dollar sales-tax increase on the ballot on May 18. If it doesn't pass, an eight percent cut to school funding will more than double. From the article:

Educators and others say chopping nearly a fifth of school funding would cripple advances in student learning that took a decade to achieve and would threaten future innovation. Parents also would have to pay more in fees for tutoring, sports, enrichment programs and clubs such as debate, drama and robotics.  Even some state organizations that champion a revolution in how public schools operate and relentlessly oppose tax increases have thrown their support behind the increase, citing the severity of the budget crunch. Those include the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Arizona Tax Research Association.

From The Denver Post and Houston Chronicle:
The Constellation program is getting scrapped, ending immediate plans to send Americans back to the moon, but the Orion program is getting resurrected.  Obama is going to Cape Canaveral on Thursday for a space conference. He'll give more details of his plan then.  From the article:

The president will announce that he plans to continue to incentivize the commercial sector to develop a "heavy lift" rocket and will provide $40 million for training to Florida space workers who will lose their jobs at the end of this year when the space shuttles are retired, sources said.

From The Detroit Free Press:
The rise of Ford, the fall of Toyota. Here's an amazing factoid from the article:

The last time Ford was gaining U.S. market share as fast as it is now, Mark Fields, the company's president of the Americas, was learning to drive, the Ford Grenada was popular and the company had just launched a redesigned Ford Thunderbird.


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