Top of the Hour: Tax Time, Morning Headlines

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Charlie Pierce, staff writer for The Boston Globe on the history of taxes; this morning's headlines.

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Rick Evans from Taxachusetts

When Clinton said we would end welfare "as we know it" he forgot to add that we would decrease welfare on the poor and lazy and increase welfare for corporations. ObamaCare is just the latest iteration of corporate welfare for hospitals, drug companies, medical suppliers, workers and insurance companies.

Apr. 13 2010 11:30 AM
Greg from Seattle, WA

Every successive modern American adminstration (including that of Obama) has spent more of our tax dollars on warfare and imperialism than on any social program or infrastructure initiative.

Republicans "tax and spend" just as much as democrats when it comes to supporting invasions, CIA-assisted coup attempts, and other destablization efforts in foreign countries on the behalf of American-owned corporations. Currently, 61% of our income taxes goes to military spending.

In addition, it was Warren Buffet who pointed out that he, as a billionaire, pays only 17% on his income, while his secretary (who makes $60,000 a year), pays over 30% of her annual income in taxes.

The issue is NOT the IRS per se, the issue is a government that uses the majority of our tax dollars to destroy lives all over the world, while continuing to raise taxes, continuing to lie to the American people about the necessity of doing so (and the real reasons behind it), and doing little to nothing to relieve the economic suffering most of us are experiencing.

Apr. 13 2010 10:37 AM
Rick Evans from Taxachusetts

I meant to write "Charlie Pierce".

Apr. 13 2010 09:51 AM
Rick Evans from Taxachusetts

I guess if one objects to paying higher taxes so that public employees can have good salaries with Cadillac health insurance and Cadillac pensions Charlie Pearce views him as an idiot. Even Cadillac building UAW members are losing those bennies.

Apr. 13 2010 09:50 AM
brooklynchick from nyc

Not everyone hates taxes! Chk out WSJ article:

Apr. 13 2010 09:05 AM

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