The Takeaway in Denver

Wednesday, April 07, 2010 - 09:44 AM

"The Five Points Media Center," home of Denver public radio station KUVO (Collin Campbell/The Takeaway)

Collin Campbell, out in Denver with John Hockenberry.

In 1985, KUVO started broadcasting here. The station began, and continues today, to be the great beating heart of jazz in Denver. Its studios sit in the Five Points neighborhood, the first predominantly African-American section in Denver, and a place famous for its cultural scene since the 1930s.

In January, KUVO started airing The Takeaway. We began to hear from Denver listeners, and we've kept an eye on the local economy, the city's future and its rising political stars.  This month, we planned a trip out to visit the KUVO community and to connect with the political mood at the 62nd Annual Conference on World Affairs. That's a forum that began as America was recovering from World War II, where they debated things like the Marshall Plan.

This year, many of the panels and speeches focus on the first year of the Obama Administration. We've seen war planners lay out the difference between America's force and its power and spoken with left-leaning people unhappy with the president. We're having fun, too. Today, John will be on a panel with former SNL star Julia Sweeney (who we talked to this morning), talking about 21st century parenting. John is raising five kids these days, so we'll acknowledge that he's enough of an authority to listen to.


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