How To Land On Your Feet When You're Falling Down The Corporate Ladder

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

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As the recession rages on, many experienced workers who’ve lost their jobs are looking at job listings and wondering: Am I overqualified for this? And if I apply anyway, how can I convince myself (or someone else) that I'm right for the job?

Beth Kobliner, the Takeaway’s work contributor and author of “Get a Financial Life,” has advice for those who are falling down the corporate ladder on how to keep their footing and land on a rung they might not have considered in the past.

We also check in again with Elena Guevara, who was last on to talk about what employed folks can do for their unemployed friends. She is a former fashion designer, and now works as a cashier at Whole Foods.

We learn so much from any job we have, no matter what the job is. You know, you can't be a job snob.

—Beth Kobliner


Elena Guevara

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Beth Kobliner

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Larry Kenny from ft. lauderdale, fl

I have worked 35 years as an Executive chef, lost my job in June. I have worked for Disney World and Marriott, plus many more. 3 weeks into my delema a local bakery that I have used for years was the 1st to step up and offer me a job as a sales rep. It is working out great, I am the happiest I have been in years, even though I am not maqking as much money my life is much better and apparently I am pretty good as a sales rep... thanx, Larry

Apr. 06 2010 10:23 AM

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