A Syrian-American's Argument Against Intervention

Thursday, September 05, 2013

(Hadi Yaziji)

Florida-based physician Dr. Hadi Yaziji was born and raised in Syria.

He studied medicine in Damascus before settling in the U.S. He now lives in Miami, FL where he’s been following the news in Syria through the press and through conversations with friends and family still living there.

As heart-breaking as the humanitarian crisis is, he feels strongly that a U.S. intervention in Syria would be disastrous. He shares his perspective about the conflict tearing across his motherland.

Dr. Hadi Yaziji and his wife on their wedding day in Maaloula.

The town of Maaloula has been a place of recent conflict in the Syrian Civil War.

Dr. Hadi Yaziji inside the United Nations.
Dr. Hadi Yaziji and his wife.


Hadi Yaziji

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Ally Harrison and Mythili Rao


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Sunny Alaska from Florida

Thank you Hadi for your civil reflection on Syria. On the other hand, for a Syrian to ask the US to bomb their own country is against our American values! If a Syrian spit in the Syrian plate in Syria while he is living in the US that person will spit in the American's plate faster than any American thinks! Wars will make the hungry kid not only hungrier ... but a unproductive and/or destructive citizen. The few people who are voting for war ... they should go themselves the rest of us we are creative and civil enough to resolve challenges by employing dialogue and get out of the other nations' business. Our American democracy and freedom work only in the US and forcing it on others would make the motto lose credibility. I asked myself .. what did Syria do to the Americans?! None of 9/11 criminals was Syrian?! Mostly, from Saudi and their king has been the White House best friend for decades !!?? Syria is the only secular nation in the ME, 25% Christians based on the baptism certificates as any other source is not accurate at all . Syria is as diversify as the US. Why would we bomb a nation that respect diversity?! and not the one that slaughter Christians and minorities or treat them as second class? Why would we allow these people to come to the US and demand rights while in their countries do not offer their own people these right!? No one wins in war ... I support Ron Paul foreign policy.

Sep. 13 2013 03:11 PM
Nadia Berrigan from CA

Thank-you for your balanced comments. This is far more complex than the media is able to communicate. Of course, we are against chemical weapons, of course we want to do something. There are many things we can do, like mobilize educated intelligent people in the region to seek answers. Assad may be open to stopping the use of chemical weapons if all of the world asks him to do that. Let's work on that tactic first.

Sep. 05 2013 06:57 PM
kate from ny

Yes! Hadi, thank you for letting americans know what's really going on. John and WNYC, why don't you air his opinions during your commercial breaks? Why do you air the pro-intervention people MOST of the time?

The fact is that we're only getting involved to secure resources, NOT b/c our gov cares about any killings. Also, we don't even have proof who actually did the gassing.

Sep. 05 2013 03:57 PM
kathy trainer from Fort Lauderdale Fl

Dear Sirs: samuel beckett's Waiting For Godot: Syria Dafur etc are the victim and the World's powers are the two conversationlists. No easy answers except: Evil can only prevail when good men do nothing.

Sep. 05 2013 09:35 AM

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