Movie Date: 'Closed Circuit,' 'Our Nixon,' 'The Grandmaster,' 'One Direction: This is Us,' and Special Guest Morgan Spurlock

Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 02:48 PM

One Direction One Direction (Courtesy of Sony Pictures)

In this week's Movie Date podcast, Rafer and Kristen wonder if anyone trusts the government anymore, and consider whether beauty is enough to make up for a lack of substance. They also sit down with director Morgan Spurlock to discuss his newest and very surprising film project. It's all in honor of "Closed Circuit," "Our Nixon," "The Grandmaster," and "One Direction: This is Us."

Listen to Morgan Spurlock talk about his new film here.



Morgan Spurlock

Hosted by:

Rafer Guzman and Kristen Meinzer


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I don't think this week's audio is working...

Sep. 02 2013 08:12 AM
Rachel from NYC

I enjoy the podcast but I was offended by your take on One Direction. You depicted them as a source of self-esteem for girls, citing a world that tells girls they're ugly or worthless. Enter boy bands who say the things real boys don't say, to save the day! And what do they say to "respect" the girls? "Come on over; I don't care if people find out," in the song you played on air. "I don't care if people find out?!" They should call the song "Most people would be ashamed to be seen with you but I'm not. You're welcome for the self-esteem." And on the song that gets the radio play, they sing "You don't know you're beautiful. That's what makes you beautiful." I.e, if you already respect yourself, keep walking. The boys are cute and their songs are catchy. But their message is "let me tell you you're pathetic so I can comfort you."

Sep. 01 2013 06:55 PM

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