Can Fast Food Fight Obesity?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

McDonald's in Times Square (Wikipedia Commons)

In recent years, McDonald’s and other fast food chains have created and emphasized some of their healthier menu choices in their marketing.

Fast food has its fair share of critics who say that the processed foods served by chain restaurants are responsible for the obesity epidemic in this country.

But in this month’s cover issue for The Atlantic, David Freedman has a response to these critics: Fast food is actually the key to reducing obesity. Freedman argues that by putting our focus on fresh, organic products, we’re missing out on an opportunity to make low-calorie food more widely available.


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Lauri from San Francisco Bay Area

I disagree with your guest that we can make processed foods to be better and more nutritious than unprocessed foods. When our food is processed, most of the nutrients are removed and then artificial sources of nutrients are added back in. If we eat whole, unprocessed foods we will be eating the nutrient-rich food. Yes, we will eat fats, but we need fat. Our brain lives on fat. We need fat in our diet. Better to have fat our bodies can digest and use properly. I recommend looking into the issue of eating 'whole foods' more deeply. Start with Weston A. Price and go on from there. There are many knowledgeable resources that support eating whole foods. Down with processed foods!

Aug. 07 2013 04:16 PM
Learn Quickly

This is simple stuff if one knows how to cook. First and foremost, CARBOHYDRATES cause obesity. Too many CARBS for too little exercise. Look at fast food places and you will see TWO HUGE slabs of bread around bad stuff. Just think an apple and salad would be so much better.

Oh well, if these people cared, they would make sure they were NOT FAT.

Aug. 07 2013 04:02 PM
Chris from Dallas TX

My guilty pleasure is Hot Wings - I enjoy the heck out of em, about every 3 months! I walk away satisfied, and happy to spend the rest of my eating on a healthy path. (which makes me feel truly satisfied, daily)

Aug. 07 2013 01:11 PM

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