McConnell Faces Off With Tea Party, Democratic Candidates at Fancy Farm

Monday, August 05, 2013

The fate of next year’s Kentucky senate race—and that of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell—might be tied to his oratorical performance at a picnic that took place on Saturday in Fancy Farm, Kentucky.

The event has developed into a crucial test of political power in Kentucky, featuring speeches from candidates and a charged, politically engaged crowd.

This year, all eyes were on McConnell, who is facing challenges on two fronts in next year's election. First, he must win a primary that sees him pitted against Tea-Party-backed businessman Matt Bevin. Should he survive that, McConnell must then fight off the Democratic challenger gunning for his seat: Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergarden Grimes. McConnell, Bevin and Grimes gave speeches this weekend in Fancy Farm.

Gabe Bullard, Director of News and Editorial Strategy at WFPL, reports on how the candidates fared at Fancy Farm on Saturday.

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Gabe Bullard

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